October 24, 2014


Hello there! I found this photo from last February dressed up all cozy and stuff!It got so cold,gloomy,rainy and windy out there!I don't even feel like going out to buy a chocolate or something to drink!It gets worse though!I have to delay my trip for a day cause work got cancelled for today and moved for tomorrow!So, i have to leave on Sunday morning.I hate delays so much but it's an oppurtunity to tidy my closet which is still mixed up with my Summer clothes!What are you gonna do today?


I'm wearing:Beanie:Accessorize//Aviator jacket:Tally Weijl,both bought in Rome


Me and Lia having a hot cup of coffee this afternoon.I really can't get out of my #IvyRevel kingston grey sweater!So cozy and warm!I wore it differently today, i will show you how on my blog of course!

Hello friends how are you? I feel great,home just spending some time with friends before going to Alexandroupoli on Sunday to see my boyfriend.I can't wait!I just miss him so bad!I've been working the whole month 2 to 3 times per week and i didn't want to go only for 3 days.Tomorrow is the last day of me working on a project so i am so glad that i will get to see him finally!I am so happyyyy!Now i am hanging out with my bffs Konstantinos and Lia!They are making pop-corn in my kitchen and we are gonna watch a horror movie!Hell yes!Have an amazing Weekend and tune in cause many posts are coming along with a truly cozy giveaway.It's getting cold out there and i don't want any of my readers to get sick!

October 20, 2014


Sometimes i have that feeling that the postman looks a lot like Santa.Ok with the difference that he isn't dressed in red (although he should!) and he doesn't have a beard and he can come all year long and and and and...!
Now that i think about it he is irrelevant to Santa but everytime my doorbell rings it's the same god damn amazing feeling!
This time for this amazing sweater and skirt from Ivyrevel.I couldn't be more excited.I've been longing for these two pieces for such a long time!
So i can say i am in a total Ivyrevel outfit.
And they matched so nice my new silver/gold kiss clutch bag!
I hope you like!

I'm wearing:
Kingston Grey Sweater:Ivyrevel
Saline Black Gold Skirt:Ivyrevel
Kiss Clutch Bag:Milanoo(HERE)

October 19, 2014


I guess i am not the only one longing like crazy for Alexander Wangs collection for H&M! I was so excited when i heard about their collaboration and i've been waiting since to see the result which is amazing and sporty as i like it!I have to get these!You can see some of my favourites below with the pricing on them!The collection will be out on November 6!

October 15, 2014


I would never imagine that Lia would make such a great photographer.She chose the place and she took the photos.Maybe we should do this more often?! :P I bet!
We shot these photos two steps away from home.I've always known we had a little forest nearby but i never knew it continues almost near my neighborhood!Such an amazing little paradise! 
For this post i chose a total sporty chic look styling my new-ish sneakers and long line duster jacket. We are in the middle of October but i just love the fact that i can still wear a skirt with bare legs!
I hope you like!

I'm wearing:
Long Line Duster Jacket:AX Paris (HERE)
White basic top:Mango
Leather skirt:H&M


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